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From your home to your business, we will help create a pest free environment and create a plan to keep it that way.  Using our Green Approach to pest control, we eliminate your pest problems without impacting your family and pets as well as the environment.  We are dedicated to responsible, smart pest control techniques that work.  We use an Integrated Pest Management strategy focusing on resolving the causes  of your pest problem.  Moisture problems, food sources, harborage areas, and exclusion points are all things we look to fix.  With our help we can work to solve your pest problems long term.  


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Meet the Team

Gary Fitch

Managing the Portland Metro Market, Gary has been in the pest control industry for over 12 years now.  His passion for helping people and their families shows in the excellent work he provides.  Gary has been married for 11 years to his wife Heather and they have 4 wonderful, energetic kids.  Gary and Heather are very active in the community of their home town of Sandy, Oregon.  From coaching football, tennis, soccer and baseball, to volunteering at their kids schools, they go the extra mile for others.


Joshua Gilbert

Managing the Southern Oregon Region, Josh has been serving your pest control needs for nearly four years. He takes pride in his excellent customer service and always goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are satisfied. Josh has been married 5 years to his wife Nicole and they have 3 beautiful, silly kids at home. Josh and Nicole love Sothern Oregon and plan to finish raising their family here. 

Green Pest Control



Green pest control is more than choosing the right products for the job.  Truly "Green" pest control belongs to the specialist.  Green pest control is about knowing the correct actions to take and being responsible with every treatment.  Technicians at Green Oregon Pest Control are truly "Specialists" in their field.  With over a decade of experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves at being technically intelligent to perform an Integrate Pest Program that focuses on non-chemical solutions first.  Our 32 point Home Inspection Checklist measures conditions that invite and contribute to your pest problem. Solving these problems will help get your home back to a pest free environment, as fast as possible.  

I have known Gary Fitch for quite a few years. Not only do I utilize his services in my business, but at my own home as well. Gary is honest as they come, and will not try to sell you services you don’t need! I appreciate him a great deal, and am happy to endorse him and his services.
— Chris Kelly - Principle Broker @ Kelly Marketing Group



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